Fattoria Italia

Your access to European fruit and vegetables in Thailand

Fattoria Italia is not only a synonym with a nice ring to it, but very much also a name of tradition, a name that comes with a clear set of commitments and promises, a name that intertwines passion for food with quality cultivation methods – whether those are traditional or new-age.

At Fattoria Italiana, we believe in offering fresh, uninjected and natural European fruits and vegetables to areas such as Thailand, where difficult weather and areas with low earth quality make it difficult to grow foods without having to use chemical insecticides or harmful substances.

At Fattoria Italiana, we are all about natural vegetables and fruits. It’s our passion and our mission – it’s what drives us towards perfection to offer natural and healthy European vegetables and fruits to the world!

Grown with passion

At Fattoria Italia, we grow our foods with the highest passion, newest technologies and most proven methods in order to provide our customers only the freshest and healthiest fruits and vegetables

Hydroponic Technique

We are strong believers in the hydroponic technique, a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without the use of soil – by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

Nurtured by experts

Our company employs only dedicated people that share our love for healthy foods; people with a true passion and clear understanding of the process from seed to fruit. Together, we make sure that only the healthiest foods land on your table

Food should make you feel pretty from the inside out

Our Products

We produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables here at Fattoria Italia. This is only a small selection of our full assortment. From everyday fruits and vegetables that

you find as imported products in the local supermarket, to products like Piennolo del Vesuvio, a tomato produced only in Naples – we provide freshness – guaranteed!

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