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How we got started

Our passion stems from our mission and belief in providing affordable, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables to areas that don’t have the opportunity to grow neither hydroponic, above ground or in open fields without having to apply chemical insecticides or harmful substances. This is what made us get started, loving every step of our mission to provide healthy, European foods to the world.

Our mission

At Fattoria Italia, we share a clear mission; a mission of providing healthy, clean and fresh European foods to the world. Especially in areas with low earth quality, humid or difficult conditions; areas without the opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables without the use of chemical insecticides or harmful substances, we want to be represented as a strong and healthy alternative.

Our passion and mission is clear – to provide healthy and affordable fruits and vegetables by using new technologies; proven procedures such as hydroponic growth techniques, or traditional open field farming, as you may be accustomed to from your hometown, or what you’d expect.

We are driven enthusiasts when it comes to growing healthy fruits and vegetables – and we cut no corners in the process. Our products are fresh and healthy – always!

Our programs

Farming isn’t only about producing healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s the ultimate goal; but the path towards it may not always be clear. It’s so much more than ‘just’ growing foods. Allow us to explain you more about our programs and what makes us stand out from the crowd when it comes to fresh, healthy and affordable European fruits and vegetables..

Italian tradition

Our vegetables and fruits from Fattoria Italia are grown with quality in mind. This is why we import our seeds from Italy to then be planted in Thailand. This allows us guarantee that the quality is always ensured and up to our own standards.

Healthy cooking

What is better than cooking healthily? Knowing that your fruits and vegetables that are on your chopping board are organic, healthy, fresh and clear from pesticides and other harmful substances. Read more about our healthy assortment here.

Homegrown farming

Farming isn’t the same anywhere. Different farm, different practices. At Fattoria Italia, we are all about homegrown farming. We apply only the best and most sustainable measures to grow our fruits and vegetables. Read more here.

Allow us to show you what Fattoria Italia is all about.

Click here to see a video about our practices.

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