Endive Salad

Endive Salad is a variety of Chicory that has enjoyed growing success all over Europe and recently also in Asia for its nutritional qualities and because of its very versatile use, being able to be enjoyed both raw and cooked in a large range of ways. The clear leaves stores a good blend of vitamins and minerals; it also provides about 50 percent of the recommended pro-vitamin A requirement and provides good amounts of vitamins B1, B2, C and valuable potassium.

Nutrition Facts / 100g
Fat0.2 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium22 mg
Potassium314 mg
Carbohydrates1.8 g
Fiber3.1 g
Protein1.25 g
Manganese0.42 mg
Vitamin C6.5 mg
Vitamin E0.44 mg
Folate142 μg
Copper0.099 mg
Vitamin K231 μg
Calcium52 mg
Phosphorus28 mg