Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio Tomato

The Piennolo tomatoes of the Vesuvio PDO, are a variety of tomatoes grown exclusively on the volcanic slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Here, the climate favors the right ripening and an unmistakable taste. Ideal for sauces. The piennolo del

Vesuvio tomato can be preserved for a long time thanks to its thick skin. They are traditionally clustered, hence the name of piénnolo (pendulum). The peel is very strong and robust, which allows the tomato a long shelf life. The pulp is firm and compact and on the palate it releases an intense sweet taste with a pleasantly acidulous aftertaste.

Nutrition Facts / 100g
Fat0. g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium0.8 mg
Potassium40 mg
Carbohydrates0.7 g
Fiber0.2 g
Protein0.1 g
Vitamin C3.9%
Vitamin A2.8 mg
Folate (6 percent DV)24 μg
Sugar0.5 g