Turnip Tops

Common turnips are made up of edible roots, stems and leaves. Several stems of the plant sprout from the bulbous root into broad green leaves. The root itself is roughly 3 inches in diameter, two-toned with magenta blushed tops and white bottoms that flow into the bulb’s tapered thin taproot. Often, the taproot is trimmed before being sold in a supermarket. Turnips have a similar flavor and texture to radishes. Their bone white flesh is firm, crunchy succulent, earthy sweet and peppery.

Nutrition Facts / 100g
Fat0.3 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium40 mg
Potassium296 mg
Carbohydrates7 g
Fiber3.2 g
Protein1.5 g
Vitamin C100%
Vitamin A231%