Violet Artichoke

Italy is the first country in the world known for the production of Artichokes: some estimates indicate the Belpaese as home of 30% of Artichokes in the world, one of these is the precious Sant’Erasmo Violet Artichoke, grown in the Venice Lagoon , near the island that gives it its name. The Artichoke is a typical plant of central-southern Italy, but the violet of Sant’Erasmo has, in the lagoon, found an optimal habitat, between abundant rainfall, but mild climate, thanks to the influence of the sea and the fertile and silty soil. It is a tender Artichoke, fleshy, thorny and elongated, of a deep purple color, almost pomace.

Nutrition Facts 100 g
Fat0.2 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium94 mg
Potassium370 mg
Protein3.3 g